Apple is amazing, but the extremely controversial company. With all his love for innovation it is perhaps like no other – tends to make the most even of obsolete technologies, delaying the moment of parting with them until the very last moment. That is why we still have to endure the Lightning connectors in the iPhone, which, according to many users, it is high time to replace with something a little more universal. Surprisingly, we now think the same way.

Most likely, the iPhone 11 will be the first Apple smartphone with the USB type-C, which will replace the Lightning. This confirms the animation system recovery procedures 13 in iOS, which definitely shows the USB cable-C. to Confuse it with familiar to most users 8-pinboy “lightning” is absolutely impossible, as the latter bears at its connector characteristic notches, which sample the image simply does not.

What USB-C is better Lightning

Actually there is nothing unusual in the fact that Apple decided to abandon the standard Lightning. Perhaps most of this, even overjoyed, because now not only is a more universal connector, providing compatibility with a huge number of various accessories, and will directly connect your iPhone to your modern MacBook, which until now for this purpose required an adapter.

On the other hand, it is clear that the market for Lightning-compatible accessories have not yet developed to the end. The market today there is a wide assortment of all kinds of cables, docking stations, kolomeisky devices connected to iPhone directly, and also covers with built-in batteries, which are also equipped with Lightning connector. Therefore, if Apple refuses it, accessory manufacturers will have to massively reshape their production, shifting the focus from Lightning to USB-C.