One of the most exciting new products introduced by Apple at WWDC’19, was app Find My. This advanced analog utilities “Find my iPhone”, which includes “Find friends”. But its unique feature is not in complexity but in the ability to find the device, even if they are not connected to the Internet or – more – exhausted. However, as explained in the Apple, to use the Find My can not all. And here’s why.

Find My do can determine the location of the missing devices without a network or without charge. This is possible thanks to the technology of Bluetooth Low Energy, which requires so little energy that can send signals from a fully depleted MacBook still for approximately one to two months. This signal is read by iPhone and iPad users passing by and in the encrypted form is passed to the owner of the missing laptop with data on its location.

How does Find My

However, to decode this signal can only Apple devices. Therefore, to find a stolen MacBook, you will need, say, an iPad, because only he possesses the cryptographic key for decryption. Once you click on the search key of the missing device, your gadget will immediately load the same key that is common to all devices of the account. It is necessary primarily to identify you as the owner, because the signal can contain information about a foreign device.

It’s amazing how difficult and at the same time just working the Apple ecosystem. Moreover, the company allows us to find the missing gadgets that are seemingly impossible to find, so it also protects us from the fact that they have not found someone else. Turns out, the human was the founder of Huawei, when he made declarations of love to the ecosystem of Apple, calling it the best invention of the company, which so far no one managed to attain, much less surpass.