Apple knows how to ensure the safety of its users. But it is not enough to simply collect data about their actions or encrypt outgoing messages. It is equally important to protect users from contact with potentially dangerous people. Therefore, in iOS 13 the function of spam protection, which works thanks to the technology of analysis of the underlying voice assistant Siri. Thanks to her unwanted calls will remain in the past.

An anti-spam filter that is built into iOS 13, will be activated manually, not automatically. So, if you want to receive all calls, without exception, to decide on someone to answer and which to ignore, just unplug it. But when the filter is enabled, each call will be analysed Siri and refer to other systems of the smartphone.

An anti-spam filter on iOS

If the voice assistant will find you the number of the calling subscriber in the contacts list, messaging, e-mail, then skip it. Otherwise, the caller is redirected to Voicemail, which you can listen and make a decision on whether to call or not. Calls from unwanted callers will not initiate a ring signal, but will display in the missing, where they will be easier to work with.

What can Siri

Actually, what Apple offers is greatly inferior to the system Call Screen from Google that takes his own call and transfers the screen transcription of the conversation on Androidsmartphones. However, it is still a significant improvement in voice assistant Siri, which actively acquires new functions, and so soon will be able to perform the role of your personal Concierge, processing calls, making a list of recommendations and answering all sorts of questions.