The first time the company has done it in 1991. After that, all the laptops in the world looked like a PowerBook 110/140/170. For the second time in 2008, mocked and booed. Since 2011, UltraBook, program, recreation MacBook Air initiated by Intel, made all laptops look like him. In March 2015 Apple has made it the third time. This time no one laughed. Computers, more recently, the flagship of progress and an inexhaustible source of profits, in the middle of the second decade of the new century not to become extinct, but their sales were no longer growing. The volume is slowly but steadily declined. With the acceleration. All except the Apple, the main culprit of all this ugliness.

In 2013, sales volumes decreased by 1%, in 2014 – already 2. In 2010, Steve announced the coming post-computer era, in which nobody believed. As she stepped.

Actually, nothing terrible has happened. The exact numbers, probably nobody knows, but for most users, the computers were redundant and too complicated. All what were they used for, can make tablets. At the first opportunity, they moved on to tablets.

And now, March 9, 2015, Tim cook and Phil Schiller (and Jonathan Ive) presented to the public the inadequate laptop in the history of mankind. To say that he was handsome would be an understatement. In an envelope of thick opaque paper, from which Steve in January 2008 pulled the first MacBook Air would fit the two new MacBook.

I’m just guessing, not tried.

The new MacBook was obviously, undeniably, and incredibly beautiful. Perfect. Technical sculpture, which in the previous Millennium would be called the century of its appearance. But our goals are too rich in miracles, we are stuck.

The amazing thing in this sculpture is not its perfection and not the aura of reflected light. This sculpture, despite its innovations, it was possible to use it for its intended use as a computer.

Painful innovation

In the first MacBook Air in 2008 reduced geometric dimensions of the CPU, otherwise it just would not fit in the hood a tiny package. About this historic feat, engineers from Intel (and Apple), and it really was not easy, a lot of writing in those days. Someone with aspiration and admiration, very many “someone else” sarcastically and rudely.

The number of innovations per cubic inch (or millimeter) volume MacBook 2015 is only comparable to the first iPhone or iPad. By the way, the new MacBook had nothing to do with MacBook 2006-2012, or anything before existed in the world.

Some of these innovations were painful. The leitmotif of the project was lightweight and slim case. The computer was supposed to be lighter and thinner than is technically possible. And no blood (not literally, of course) the unfortunate users has not been.

The most painful of innovation, I think, three. This is the only (except for Jack) connector for connecting peripherals and for everything. He did only one, sorry for the repetition – that incredibly brave and incredibly uncomfortable.

This is the keyboard of the type “butterfly”, with very short key travel (worse than just an electronic keyboard tablets) and the trackpad with tactile sensor stationary, and recognizes the pressing force, the Taptic Engine as Apple Watch.

All these innovations are compatible with life, but the pleasure from them more.

The connector is a USB 3.1 Gen 1 (type “C”). If you are sure that the data transfer speed from USB 3.1 a twice USB 3.0, 10 Gbps instead of 5 Gbps, you are absolutely right. USB 3.1 Gen 2 it really is. And USB 3.1 Gen 1, by and large, this USB 3.0 reduced (geometrically) format.

I wonder how much Apple paid the producers of the adapters? A joke, but adapters for this miracle required many unthinkable. At the same time to watch videos on the big screen, to charge the battery of the MacBook and to use any USB peripherals was impossible. However, buying one from the docks (saw two of them from OWC, with a minimum and maximum additional pleasures), these outrages could forget.

If PKD developed by Apple and included in the kit (as an option), MacBook could be called a MacBook Duo.

Keyboard type butterfly and trackpad Taptic Engine (a) was poisoned and poison the lives of many members of our species, but (b) the press reported that not all people are the same, some of us are accustomed to these innovations – at least not immediately.

The Taptic Engine in 2015 was possible, though, to handle by yourself or even to turn off. How is it now – we’ll talk another time.

All three charges one reason: the desire to make a MacBook slim to impossible. Was it worth it desire at least a single tear a child of any age (5 to 125) – I don’t know.

Inside MacBook 2015

It was the first Mac with processors Broadwell, Y-class and passport TDP is 4.5 Watts.

Phil Schiller said about the TDP, but called a different number – 5 Watts. Rounded? Size TDP of these processors has been outstanding for the purposes of marketing it in any case, there was no need to downplay: 4,5 Watt, and if necessary even 3.5. Since Phil has fallen to such details.

At Apple, Schiller came to the post of programmer analyst at a hospital in Boston, he was not a humanist – it was his stage role, the technical details like TDP this role did not fit, but why be rounded in a negative direction?

With these processors, many oddities. Phil sounded a TDP of 5 Watts, but actually in the MacBook Oh 2015 TDP was… 7 Watts. In addition, neither at the announcement of the MacBook, or even on the day of entering them in the sale, stated the processors had not yet been made. They began to release in a week.

The clock frequency of the processors in the MacBook was above their staff. Technically it is very simple, especially if the computer is able to take more heat and even makes this.

Online store was the initial configuration of the MacBook had two, 1 299 and 1 for $ 599 with Intel Core M 1.1 GHz (M-5Y31) and Intel Core M 1.2 GHz (M-5Y51), cache in the third level in both 4 MB. Hyper Threading and Turbo Boost 2.0 (last dispersed these Core M to 2.4 and 2.6 GHz, in appropriate conditions).

In the Configurator of both configurations was the option of replacing the processor. For $ 150 it was proposed to replace the processor Intel Core M 1.3 GHz (M-5Y71), with the same cache size the third level and the same set of CPU features. In my opinion, this option was the only one.

Regular clock frequency of the M-5Y31, M-5Y51 and M-5Y71 is 0.9 GHz, 1.1 GHz and 1.2 GHz.

Inside all these graphics processors – Intel HD Graphics 5300. Generation 8, the level of GT2. So low, Apple still did not fall. According to the test results, HD Graphics 5300 was comparable to the HD Graphics 4000. But the MacBook, as far as I know, the GPU had no complaints.

Not super-duper, but for common tasks it’s performance enough. And for the unusual MacBook just was not good. In a shared memory GPU generously reserved for their needs 1.5 Gigabytes of RAM, as big. But already accustomed to.

RAM: 8 GB LPDDR3 (1,600 MHz) SDRAM. To increase this size was impossible even in the Configurator. Memory vpisalas tightly into the motherboard.

Did I forget to mention that the motherboard of MacBook for 2015 has been reduced to the minimum size at which it can operate?

The volume of flash memory “iPad with a keyboard and OS X” superior to the usual iPad. In the cheapest configuration, it was 256 Gigabytes in the configuration 1 599 – 512. To change the amount of flash memory it was impossible at the time of purchase or after: its like RAM and the CPU soldered into the motherboard. Forever.

But, according to tests, the speed of writing and reading flash memory the MacBook was among the best in its class. According to some tests, the write speed was 451,7 MB/s, read 738,2 MB/s. According to QuickBench – 460,93/845,05. Who I don’t know, in any case, he was very fast.

The screen is quite good. Not to overuse epithets. Retina, sharp and pure colors, also, because of the characteristics of the screen Assembly, it was 30% cheaper than they would without them. Resolution 2304х1440, 226 pixels per inch. The external monitor support resolution up to 3840×2160.

In one of the reviews I was amused by that joke: in the list of disadvantages mentioned the lack of optical drive, and supports Blu Ray. You cannot please everyone.

The body as an antenna, three colors (gunmetal, silver and gold), where only cards from Apple (and a bunch of piles of adapters and docks from other companies) – but you already knew.

To be continued