Press conference on the occasion of the opening of the “25th” WWDC (conference!) responded to the unwritten canons. In the last century it was thought that to announce at this annual event any “iron” is inappropriate. The way it was, but without the metal still has not done. In addition to a video installation about the developers in the beginning, rejection of the conference was not summoned. Topics, quality of presentation, sophisticated brand of humor, delicate taste. Craig and Greg (Joswiak) played perfectly.

To summarize the press conference makes no sense. Here is the video (duration 01:57:58):

Mac OS 10.10 (Yosemite), iOS 8, Swift (which language), and Metal. The one that “killer OpenGL and OpenCL”. Still modest technology, part of iOS 8, “Apple A7”, but it deserves close attention.

Apple already was QuickDraw 3D in the mid-90s, insane, beautiful and promising competitor Open GL. Object-oriented API, elegant and easy to use interface, but the market share of Apple was tiny, she rapidly declined – from QuickDraw 3D does not have the slightest chance. Theoretically, QD3D had fantastic abilities. But their reality was required optimized for QD3D drivers write that no one was going.

In 1999, Apple Computer finally and irrevocably sent QD3D resigned, his place in Mac OS X took the Open GL. QuickDraw 3D Quesa turned in, the project is open source, but… that’s another story.


In 2008, for the first time in the history of WWDC, the conference was sold out three weeks before the completion of the sales. About it with undisguised pleasure, wrote all media related to Apple with sympathy. Was it possible to imagine something like this just ten years before that?

Participation in WWDC it expensive. The ticket costs 1 $ 599. Even if the participant lives in the United States, moving to San Francisco and a week in a hotel will cost a pretty penny. This access to information first hand, communicating with engineers, with colleagues from around the world, the ability to solve unsolvable problems in your code (by Apple engineers!). It is necessary for someone?

Judging by the fact that in 2008, the demand exceeded the supply, Yes.

At the same time, since 2003 Apple has held WWDC in Moscone West, the largest Convention center on the West coast of the United States. Now even he could not accommodate all who thought it necessary to take part in the conference.

Then the situation only worsened. A side effect caused by this deficit is the boom in the construction industry in California. In the reconstruction of the Convention center in San Jose, where from 1988 to 2002, WWDC was held, has invested the additional funds.

Note the “1988” is the official data. WWDC 1988 was held in San Jose.

But reconstruction is a long process. In 2011, the tickets were sold out in 12 hours. In 2012, over 2 hours. In 2013 – less than three minutes. Citizens nimble do not miss your chance to earn money by buying and reselling (two to three times more expensive) tickets for WWDC, not whether they “achieve” the Apple would look more modest – but even at four and a half thousand tickets all sold out.

Such speculation is not contrary to the law of the state of California. Unethical, ugly but legal. Unfair. Participation in WWDC is an important resource for the developer that cannot be overemphasized. That is, since “enough and not to let” no, we can only humble ourselves and wait patiently for the completion of the Convention center in San Jose, in early 2017?

3 APR 2014 Apple has issued a press release, the essence of which “Apple”, the media immediately spread throughout the world. The solution was found. Any member of the paid Apple developer (officially registered developer), Starting from 3 April until 10 am PDT on April 7, could request a specially designated page on the Apple website. Free.

7 April raffle. Winners received the right to pay 1 $ 599 and participate in WWDC. Two-thirds of the applications were losing – but everything was fair. Confirmed by independent auditors. It happens sometimes!

That’s not all: take this opportunity, Apple has allocated 200 free places for young people, women programmers. The youngest participant WWDC 2014 was 13 years old.

So did Google, it seems, came to a similar decision at the same time Apple and play tickets to participate in Google I/O event held in 20th June 2014. WWDC 2014 opened on 2 June 2014. Even if some of them have borrowed this idea from the other, anything bad do not see this.

I wonder how much time would sell tickets to WWDC this time?

Chronology (new?)

By Apple’s first WWDC happened in 1989: 1 200 third-party developers from several countries were invited to the presentation System 7. Opening remarks John Scully, gag orders, a number of detailed and highly classified “sessions” on different aspects of the operating system of the near future.

About this event information. In 1991 one of its members gave me a set CD with conference materials. Several Gigabytes of information, incredible for that time amount. About the conference itself I also said something, but I don’t remember anything.

System 7 was a reality, I had to have it to program your CD-drive I was not – and the information was car and small truck, and it was a very important and valuable.

About developer conferences until 1995, almost unknown. Only two of them – one that took place in Monterey (CA) in the fall of 1983, and the 1987 conference (one of the participants which left the memories). For myself, I believe that they began in 1983, but insist on it I won’t.

If the CEO believes that the first Apple WWDC was the event of 1990, so it was. We assume that the conference in 1983 and 1987 were not WWDC – especially because before 1995, they are even called differently.

Once the soul asks the holiday, let it be jubilee. By the way, if we accept the conference of 1989 as a starting point, WWDC 2019 – thirties. Happy anniversary!


Many of the press conferences deserve more detailed consideration. And we will definitely do. So…

To be continued