A ban on the iPhone repair at unauthorized workshops set Apple stems from security concerns, said representatives of the company. According to them, even a simple procedure like replacing the battery, held without the proper skills, can cause damage and spontaneous combustion. ZDNet journalist Chris Matyszczyk communicated to the employee service center, which said that Cupertino exaggerating, speaking about the dangers of repairs outside of authorized STS.

“As Apple cited the example of battery replacement, then it will stop. To make the battery puffed or caught fire, it is not enough just to scratch the contacts or the housing. To make this happen, you have to puncture the battery, which will require a lot of effort. We had a similar case, then the battery did not explode and became the reason of strong smoke. But the case is special – we were really very careless,” said John, an employee of the service center.

To replace the battery iPhone

In fact, involuntary damage the battery in the repair process can happen not only at home, but in that case, if replacement by a professional. This was confirmed in the examples of Zurich and Valencia Apple Store, employees who involuntarily violated the integrity of the battery, triggering the leak lithium, which ultimately led to the formation of smoke and evacuation of visitors of shop.

Certainly even the slightest probability of causing damage to the battery during its replacement – already a good reason to seek the help of professionals, called Apple. But in this case, the company simply replaces the concept, talking about the dangers of self-repair, when in fact we are talking about is to allow independent garages to purchase licensed components from Apple directly, and not to do it is to bypass the established rules. In this case, consumers would benefit.