Apple CEO gave another interview – this time edition of ABC News. On the agenda was the issue of ensuring privacy and security of user data, digital well-being. The head of the company strongly believes that the users still spend a lot of time for their devices.

Tim cook said that Apple has always sought to ensure that the users first time to their own Affairs and communication in the real world.

Of course, we earn selling the iPhone, but I don’t want users to be overly passionate about their devices. First and foremost, we strive to create products that will help you reach your goals, — said the head of the company.

Apple CEO is sure that the new function of “Screen time”, which was designed to reduce dependence on devices that really helped a lot of users began to spend less time with your gadgets. Interestingly, this option is and Sam Cooke.


From the statistics I learned that I turned to my phone over 200 times a day. For me it was a revelation.

During the interview we also touched upon the topic of confidentiality. Tim cook said that companies that collect personal data, to know about us more than you can imagine. The CEO stressed that Apple keeps all user data and does not transmit any information to third parties.

Such bold statements have a clear basis — Apple has never been involved in scandals related to leakage of personal data. If any information were leaked, it has happened solely through the fault of the users — due to a weak password, the lack of two-factor authentication and phishing attacks.