It is no secret that the development of networks of the fifth generation is passing rapidly. A commercial network (in test mode) is already running in two countries: USA and South Korea. The necessary infrastructure is already in such countries as Canada, Turkey, Philippines, Vietnam, Germany, Spain and some others. Large-scale launch 5G is not far off, but the Apple CEO did not share everybody’s enthusiasm. The head of the Corporation is confident that the appropriate time for the introduction of new technology has not yet arrived.

Tim cook assured that Apple is constantly searching, evaluating new technologies for their prospects. At the same time, stressed the head of the company, in Cupertino do not seek to be first. The most important thing is to produce the desired product at an appropriate time.

Answering the question about the emergence of 5G in Apple products, Tim cook is only limited to a vague response that the company currently do not consider networks of the fifth generation as a promising technology.

It is possible that the CEO was referring to the fact that at the present time launched in the world only a few commercial 5G networks. And this is clearly not enough to form a full picture of next generation networks. In addition, use of such technologies to the average user it is simply impossible, as they work in the “demonstration of capability”.

However, experts and analysts believe Tim cook is being disingenuous. Without a doubt, the Corporation is working on development of 5G technology, its inherent secrecy. Otherwise, what Apple was worth to enter into a settlement agreement with Qualcomm to supply the most advanced modems with support of networks of the fifth generation? The answer is obvious.