No other smartphone in the world has such a wide array of accessories like the iPhone. It does not matter which generation you use – to find her something suitable will not be easy. Want sapphire glass on the screen? Please. Need case snakeskin? No problem. What tricks do not go to enterprising manufacturers to attract consumers ‘ attention. But there are accessories, from the appearance which becomes, to put it mildly, not myself. This charger cable is just out of this category.

The creators of the cable, called the Cable Grow, decided to use the term “food” which the charger provides smartphones. That’s why cable is such a strange look because it imitates nothing like the umbilical cord, which runs a food (in this case electric current). And food process look as natural as possible, the developers have equipped the cable the reduction mechanisms – just like the real organ.

Dependence on mobile — the main problem of the 21st century

According to the developers, their goal was to convey via Cable Grow by the excessive importance which became smartphones. Now, in fact, we care about them as their own children, skamlova them and trying to prevent the worst – their complete discharge, which is the analogy of death of the unit. Come to that, but many users will prefer to “feed” smartphone than to eat themselves, say the creators.

Despite the fact that Grow Cable is not unusual, except for the shape and built-in mechanism causing the reduction, its price is quite high even by the standards of premium accessories. At the moment, cable is available for purchase on the Etsy site for 5682 dollar. The creators have hinted that such price is based not on the capabilities of the accessory, but the underlying idea embodied in the form of a cable. However, hardly someone will buy IT for everyday use.