We’ve published materialwhich shows how it might look iPhone 2 XR. The time has come to tell about the iPhone and iPhone 11 11 Max. Recently in the network appeared the new image of the potential new products – they shared one of the renowned manufacturers of cases and accessories. It is difficult to say whether this leak is intentional and whether these images are genuine. But anyway, these images are definitely worth a look.

The images were published online SlashLeaks.

After reviewing the images, we can conclude that the worst expectations were justified — apparently, the iPhone 11 the iPhone 11 Max really will get the square camera block — it will be located three different lenses: the main module, the telephoto and ultrawide lens.

If you look from the point a normal user, the design of the cameras novelties really hard to call a good design solution. But as we know, the first leaks of the iPhone 6 is also shocked the public — and no one could not assume that Apple will release something similar. However, in reality, the iPhone 6 looked a little different: Yes, the final design was not ideal, however, the appearance of the smartphone is not was repulsive. There is every reason to believe that history will repeat itself once again — this time with iPhone 11, iPhone 11, iPhone Max and XR 2.

Of course, there is no guarantee that the photos are accurate, and they displayed case for iPhone 11. That is why we suggest to treat the images with a grain of salt. However, as practice shows, often the Apple provides manufacturers accessories drawings for future products, allowing them to prepare for the release of the news. On the basis of their and are these renders.