the iMac is not made to carry from place to place and take it with you on trips or to work. For these purposes in the lineup, Apple is more compact and comfortable computers. But what if you desperately need a bar with its large screen? To solve this problem in at least two ways. The first is to hire a porter who will be trailing you with your iMac. And the second is simply to use the technology of augmented reality and bring a hologram of the candy bar as needed.

Developed by Nicholas Grana has created a virtual prototype of the iMac, which is able to simulate working on a real computer. To begin, you need to scan the keyboard and to place the hologram of the candy bar on the table. It all happens so fast and simple that you think be involved in the implementation Apple itself. Moreover, such activation model of anything was already quite successfully applied in their own company’s products like AirPods and the Apple Card.

Why do we need augmented reality

However, in practice, the hologram iMac almost unusable. Despite the fact that the virtual machine is able to simulate exactly the same actions that real, it should be remembered that his power depends on the capacity of the iPhone, with which it was created. In addition to see what is happening on the holographic screen of the iMac, you need all the time to look at the screen of the smartphone, which is perhaps an even bigger drawback than the limited performance of the computer.

However, the idea that attempted to embody the Grand, the trustworthy. Personally, I am quite sure that in a few years something similar will become the norm. However, this requires a qualitative leap in the development of headsets that support augmented reality, which will be responsible for displaying and processing workflow. And for the power of holographic computers do not worry, because they provide cloud services, the prospect of which has already proven streaming platform for gaming.