Not all decisions lend themselves to the Apple explanation, but even they can be divided into two categories. The decision of the first category are related to business strategy, and with them the easiest. In the end, they leave the users a chance to prove to the company that she was wrong. This was the case with the increase in prices on the iPhone, which gradually went into decline. But the decisions of the second category are ideological in nature and because it does not relate to the previous policy of the company, causing more helpless surprise. Support Apple TV and AirPlay 2, which got a Samsung TV, both of these times.

Yesterday simultaneously with the release of iOS 12.3 and 12.3 tvOS began to spread updates for the Samsung smart TV. We purposefully do not use the word “release” as currently described, the update is only available to a limited number of users. At least until Russia will get the update until the summer.

A TV with support for AirPlay

The update in question will be available on all Smart TVs released in 2019, and on some models by 2018. It includes support for AirPlay and apps 2 iTunes and Apple TV, which previously was exclusively available on Apple devices. This news surprised many users, who have unanimously said that jobs would never have compromised the secrecy of the corporate practices of the company.

Obviously, Apple has opened iTunes and Apple TV to Samsung TV to expand its influence. After all, the Apple TV carries two new services: Apple TV Channels, which is already available for use, and Apple TV+, whose release will take place only in the fall.

In Cupertino have studied the market and came to the conclusion that the majority of users still prefer to watch movies and TV shows that is on TV. And, given the high hopes that the company puts on their new site, ignore the market for a smart TV was just silly. Indeed, in this case Apple would have deprived themselves of a few million subscribers, which would enable it to quickly justify the investment.