At the beginning of year it became known that Apple is working on a completely new generation of MacBook Pro. Such information shared with us respected analyst Ming Chi-Kuo, known for his accurate forecasts. According to him, the company was going to release an updated laptop this year, but later release date was adjusted and now the new MacBook Pro worth the wait only in 2021.

According to sources in the supply chain, Apple is seriously considering the possibility of transition from IPS panels to OLED in a MacBook Pro. The company representatives have already met with employees of Samsung Display, to discuss prospects for further cooperation.

The Korean vendor is ready to begin deliveries — in addition, Samsung Display has mastered the technology of TFE, which would make OLED-matrix is thinner and lighter that will be an advantage over traditional LCD panels. Production line is also equipped with everything needed to start mass production. The decision is only for Apple.

Recall that the upgraded computer will have 16-inch matrix. The new MacBook Pro will retain the dimensions of the predecessor, it succeeds by reducing the frames around the perimeter of the display. The remaining details are left overs.
Interestingly, earlier the analyst suggested that the updated MacBook Pro will be released in 2019. However, later, the expert changed his Outlook on the release date of the laptops in the world. It is possible that Apple decided to Refine the product to perfection to avoid the problems which are peculiar to the MacBook Pro the current generation.