With the advent of touchscreen smartphones, perhaps the only way to distinguish one unit from another in front of steel Wallpaper desktop. Even the most excavation is now not an exclusive feature of the iPhone, and operated almost all manufacturers without exception. But if you affect the appearance of the modern devices we can not, then why not affect the lock screen of customization options which can not be counted on the fingers of two hands.

All that we see on lock screens of our iPhone is the current date and time, battery charge level and, if lucky, unread notifications. But this arrangement is not only boring in itself, but also uninformative, given the possibilities possessed by the modern smartphones. Even the Apple Watch with the advent of watchOS screens began to show on the lock screen much more information than the iPhone.

To customize the lock screen on iPhone

To make iPhone lock screen more informative, Apple needs to move the concept watchOS on iOS. This will significantly extend the functionality of smartphones in the locked position, simplifying the user’s life.

Check the weather forecast, the amount taken during the day steps, calories burned, to do list, and the ability to communicate with selected contacts without having to navigate to the desktop is only a small part of what make the watch. So why the same can’t be done on iPhone?

I admit that someone’s iPhone lock screen, like in the form in which it exists now. But agree that the ability to customize it the way you want the user — it’s better than to decide for him and to mend the inconvenience.

You are a cryptocurrency investor and Wake up in the night to check the exchange rate of bitcoin? With a custom lock screen it does not need to unlock the phone and go to the “application Action” or CoinMarketCap. I travel frequently to countries with different time zones? You definitely have a possibility to make the lock screen a couple, and even the three dials. Maybe you prefer minimalism and want to see the current time in full screen? This is also possible. You only have to move to iOS custom lock screens.