Many Apple products, which we are now happy to use, was not created out of nothing. Almost all of them had their prototypes, invented 10 or 20 years ago, but unrealized. As a rule, it’s always been one reason – the imperfection of technology. But sometimes the ideas born in the minds of Steve jobs and his subordinates, were so disruptive that required more than a dozen years, so that users mentally Mature enough to them. Perhaps, the credit card is one of them.

According to Ken Segal, creative Director of Apple, Steve jobs thought the idea of issuing its own credit cards in 2004. It was called – who would have thought – the Apple Card, and it even had a loyalty program, which at that time could not boast of almost no one. Jobs wanted to make sure users get as rewards for their spending on the card iPoints points that could be exchanged for tracks from iTunes.

What was the Apple Card in 2004

In this project own credit card Apple existed not only in the minds of company management. In Cupertino managed to design a “plastic”, agreed with Barclays Bank about the issue and even invented for him a few slogans, built on a play on words like “Buy lipstick, get a Kiss” (eng. – Buy lipstick, get a kiss/tracks by the band Kiss). However, it looked like a credit card is far less attractive than the titanium Apple Card sample 2019.

The exact reason why Apple failed to issue its own credit card, remains unknown. Segall suggests that the company simply failed to negotiate with MasterCard, under which was issued the “plastic”. Thus, the Apple Card can not be called an exceptional notion of Tim cook and his team, says Segall. By and large, they took the project almost finished product, made a few changes and released.