One of the advantages of iPhone over smartphones is its operating system, protected from tampering and establish surveillance from the outside. In Cupertino devote special attention, and because time and again I remind users that the same level of security as on iOS, they can’t find anywhere else. However, a vulnerability in WhatsAppthat allows you to remotely hack into more than just smartphones running Android, but the iPhone proved that it is not so.

Hole in WhatsApp, which according to industry experts is bedorom, casts doubt on doubt on the security of iPhone, and, as a result, its consumer properties as a whole. This view is shared by journalists resource VICE. But worst of all not even the fact that the iPhone could be hacked remotely, and the fact that Apple has barred users checked their smartphones for viruses.

Antivirus for iOS

“In 2016 from the App Store removed the app Esser studios, which was responsible for detecting virus and other malware on iOS — writes VICE. – In addition, iOS is designed so that to study it without jailbreak can not even experts in the field of information security, not to mention ordinary users. That is why researchers really appreciate iPhone prototypes, which have no commercial protection, allowing you to explore all the vulnerabilities and shortcomings of iOS.”

How to find virus in iOS

According to Claudio Guarnieri, an expert of Amnesty International, high level of security for iOS, which is so often said Apple plays against the operating system. The excessive confidence of the company in the fullest security of its platform makes impossible the timely detection of viruses. Don’t tell the Financial Times about the gaps in WhatsApp, which allows you to install on iPhone spyware, who knows how many people have time to listen.

In the result we have a very dangerous trend. For many iPhone users is the most secure smartphone in the world which provides absolute protection of their confidential information. This is partly true, because Apple’s official position is to not sell user data. But, unfortunately, even Apple is sometimes powerless in the face of malware spreading their impotence even on us.