The iPhone is practically no useless features. All the innovations introduced by Apple, carefully considered and justified. As a result, companies do not have to abandon the functions which the operating system dead weight. Unlike Samsung, which, experimenting, somehow forgets about the convenience of the users and the characteristics of the innovation, then implemented, then removed from the firmware branded devices. However, sometimes Stripping forced to engage in Cupertino, getting rid of, it would seem, is quite useful features.

According to analysts, Barlays, all iPhone 2019 model year will lose support interface enhanced recognition of taps on the screen 3D Touch. It will replace the software equivalent of a Haptic Touch, first used in the iPhone XR. It’s not based on pressure, but in the long you hold your finger on the screen, providing the ability to perform almost the same tasks that 3D Touch. However, there are exceptions. For example, Haptic Touch does not support context menu of desktop applications and does not work with gestures, peek and pop.

Why you need a 3D Touch

Despite the fact that Apple’s decision to abandon 3D Touch in favor of a less advanced technology looks strange, it is not unexpected. Last year the journalists of the Wall Street Journal predicted the disappearance of the 3D Touch future generations of the iPhone followed by replacement with Haptic Touch. Perhaps this is due to the fact that there are no commands that would not cause long-term retention and not increased depression, and iOS 13 Apple to prove it to us.

Personally I do not see in the upcoming reshuffle unusual. Abandoning the 3D Touch in favor of the Haptic Touch interface, which seems more intuitive, Apple will be able to reduce the cost of manufacturing the iPhone is not practically deprived of that functionality. Even considering that the technology is really someone used, it is unlikely that this category of users will experience a shock from the inability to interact with a smartphone, pushing on the screen instead of just hold your finger on it.