In early April, Apple and Qualcomm entered into a settlement agreement, thus completing the long-term confrontation. All the lawsuits were withdrawn, and Apple had to pay substantial compensation to sign the contract for the supply of 5G advanced modem from Qualcomm. But despite this, in Cupertino have not abandoned ambitious plans to develop its own cell module.

Settlement agreement with Qualcomm was only a matter of time, experts say The Information. The fact that the modems Intel was originally a compromise solution. Apple thought about the move in 2017, when the iPhone XS iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR was in full swing. According to a source in TheInformation, Intel four times upgraded modem of its own design — all in order to meet the high standards and requirements of Apple. But even in this case, the modem chip maker Qualcomm inferior. The natural result — Intel ceased development of cell modules.

It was when the decision to develop its own modem. But according to internal documents, the company was preparing to provide cellular module is not in the next few years, but only in 2025. Thus, from the beginning of the confrontation, Apple has realized that I will have to put up with Qualcomm, despite their differences. It is only in the Arsenal of this manufacturer has the most advanced solutions, including 5G modems.

However, Apple will continue to develop their own 5G modem. For this purpose, was organized by several groups. As previously reported on the development work of hundreds of engineers whose work was developed at the site of the Innovation center in San Diego.