We all know how Steve jobs was adamantly against the stylus. At the presentation of the first iPhone, the legendary founder of Apple clearly gave everyone to understand that the epoch of resistive screens and stylus forever sunk into oblivion. They were replaced by Multi-Touch and a revolutionary interface, sharpened by the fingers. But I think Apple started little by little to depart from the precepts of Steve jobs – today it became known that the Corporation is developing a stylus for the iPhone.

This became known after the company filed an application for registration of the relevant patent.

As planned, the company stylus for iPhone will have a smaller size and system inductive connection, which will allow you to magnetite Apple Pencil to the side faces of the device and thus charge it. And interestingly, stylus for iPhone can be attached from either side — which is not, for example, to make the iPad Pro. Otherwise, your digital pen will not be much different from current-gen Apple Pencil 2.

In fact, the development pen for iPhone do can be carried out — the company has already presented us with Plus and Max versions of the iPhone. It is not excluded that someday we gonna see iPhone Pro, which will be present to support the notorious digital pen.

It is remarkable, but this patent could indicate that Apple plans to release iPhone c rectangular faces, as in the iPad Pro 2018. Such a radical design change worth the wait only in 2020, as this year, as you know, the new iPhone will not get significant changes in appearance.