Every week we publish materials which inform about the possibilities of Automator. Utility really helps in your everyday work allowing you to facilitate a series of routine activities. But very soon this program may be history – Apple intends to completely replace the software on automation of “Quick commands Siri”.

This assumption is expressed by one of the developers under macOS. He developed a program that included the specified Automator scripts. Enthusiast sent his app to the Mac App Store and received an unusual response from Apple: the app was rejected, because the utility Automator is no longer supported by the company.

In the email Apple refers to the rules of the app store, in particular, on compatibility: the software distributed through the Mac App Store, should work on recent versions of macOS and don’t use outdated technology or program.

The developer I’m sure it’s not a mistake — the company really going to give up Automator in favor of “Quick commands Siri”. According to him, Apple plans to make an app to automate actions cross-platform — making it available on both iOS and macOS.

It is unknown what additional features will gain the “Quick Siri command” in the version under macOS. Obviously, there is a utility to automate actions on iOS is much inferior to its desktop counterpart — Automator.

Most likely, new options will be shown at the conference for developers WWDC 2019, which will be held from 3 to 7 June in San Jose, California.