Despite the fact that piracy is still not eradicated as a phenomenon, from year to year those who voluntarily choose to pay for content is becoming more and more. A considerable role was played by Apple, which opened users access to the licensed music and movies at competitive prices. However, as it turned out, not all the content is implemented at the company from Cupertino is licensed. If that was indeed the case, the court will understand.

The son of composer Harold Arlen, author of the music for the film “the Wizard of Oz” has filed a lawsuit against Apple, Microsoft, Pandora, Amazon and Google, accusing them of spreading pirated copies of albums of his father. For example, some compositions of Arlen, placed in the Apple Musichave a cover with no indication of the record label. In addition, companies do not only implement at least one album – Jamaica – at a price that does not correspond to that which established the actual owner, and deduct a royalty to the company who are not eligible to receive them.

Piracy Apple Music

The plaintiff is sure that defendants are aware of the fact that engaged in the sale of pirated copies, because can not be aware of the real pricing policy on the market. According to him, it is impossible to imagine that music fan with a huge library of recordings of Frank Sinatra, Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald believed that the albums of these legendary performers really can sell for a penny, but still bring them profit.

This is not the first time Apple is accused of piracy. A few years ago in iTunes were discovered pirate collections of Vitas ‘ songs, Anna Sedokova and other performers clearly low quality. The impression was that some of them were recorded on tape, and then published on the site. The last case occurred at the beginning of this year. Then in the top of the Apple Music broke songs-artists, which, as it turned out, got there because of cheating.