Since the launch of the Apple Pay payment service, Apple has acquired a fair amount of new features. Gradually he has evolved from just a useful tool of contactless payment in the full financial platform, with the support of remittances, cost analysis, and a private credit card for which there is no need to contact the Bank directly. But in Cupertino believe that this is not enough, and therefore decided to expand the possibilities of Apple Pay even more.

In the night from 13 to 14 may, the Vice-President of Apple’s development of Apple Pay Jennifer Bailey at the conference, TRANSACT, which was held in Las Vegas, has introduced support for several new functions.

First, in a short time, Apple Pay will support tags, or NFC tags. Thanks to them, users will be able to pay for certain goods and services where there is no terminal with contactless payment. They don’t even have to install a special application. For example, you can now pay for Parking or hire bikes and scooters, just touching the mark.

In my opinion, marks is the future of contactless payment. They will do away with bulky terminals that we used to see in stores. Is to bring the smartphone to the mark, as on his screen immediately displays the payment interface, and the user will only have to complete the transaction, confirming its imprint on your finger or face. Thus it is possible to make significant progress in self care, as each product can have its label.

Discount card in Apple Pay

Secondly, it is planned to introduce advanced tool download loyalty cards for frequently visited establishments. Algorithms Apple Pay alone will know, where you go most often and will offer to upload a discount card. This can be done directly in the Wallet, instead of having to install the app and clog the memory of your device. What could be easier?

The mentioned innovations will be available to users until the end of 2019, said Bailey. Delayed start is that Apple will hold a large-scale work on introduction of the labels charge. Initially to pay thus it will be possible in a retail network, Bonobos, rent-a-Bird Scooters and PayByPhone Parking meters.