Autonomy has never been a strong point of the iPhone. While other manufacturers are slowly but surely increasing the battery capacity of its smartphones in Cupertino, it seemed, did not even think about how to do something similar. So the maximum that could “squeeze” in active use even of the 5.5-inch iPhone, with the most capacious batteries of the entire line, was a light day of work without recharging. But then the market went it. iPhone XR.

iPhone XR has by far the best indicator of the autonomy of all iPhone ever entered the market. It is this emphasis in the new commercial that Apple has published on its YouTube channel. He wears a plain name Battery Life, but it most clearly reflects the outstanding potential of the battery supplimental smartphone.

Why iPhone XR — best iPhone

The plot is built around a variety of people who share only one thing: their stamina exhausted before it gets battery XR. “You lose your forces before he runs out. The longest battery life in the entire history of iPhone,” says Apple, alluding to the fact that the iPhone XR will last longer light of day before you asked to charge.


Despite the fact that iPhone has the XR is not the most capacious battery in the line, behind the iPhone XS Max, it can boast of the best indicators of autonomy. Impact low resolution IPS-matrix, which requires significantly fewer resources to maintaining their health than organic panels that are installed in older models. As a result, iPhone XR even Apple claims is able to live at least an hour longer than the iPhone XS Max, while in real terms the variation is even greater.

In General, XR iPhone is the best smartphone Apple that you can buy today. Even if we forget about the awesome battery life, subfragment stands a superb camera that takes pictures of equal quality to more expensive models with an LCD display that does not flicker and does not cause nausea in some categories of users, and also price, which in Russia today is less than 50 thousand rubles.