Promised three-year wait, he consoled himself with Adobe, delaying the release of the full Photoshop for iPad, which was announced last fall. Since we only once showed the features of the program at the presentation of iPad Pro 2018 and seemed to have forgotten about that 2019 year, which was scheduled to launch, has already arrived. However, tonight, Adobe has now made a big step towards a Photoshop for iPad, and announced the launch of the program pre-testing.

“Photoshop comes to iPad, which means you now will able to start to create something unimaginable, announced Adobe. All the desktop tools and workflows to which you have become accustomed to — from touch up blending modes – right in your hands. Layers? They’re here. Work with the solution? Where the same without her. All of your projects that you worked on your desktop or laptop here too.”

How to get the beta Photoshop for iPad

Adobe did not disclose the number of users who will be allowed to participate in the beta program for Photoshop for iPad. However, the company does not limit us in the ability to send the request. For this you need to follow this link, fill in the opened window in the form with your data and briefly explain why you should get early access to the program itself, in English. Other requirements, including equipment, Adobe no.

Despite the fact that Adobe has not announced the exact launch date of Photoshop for iPad, it can be assumed that it will take place closer to the fall. In any case, it would be illogical to start the beta program, so she only lasted three to four weeks. Most likely, the long-awaited release is timed to the launch of iOS 13, which promises to dramatically change our understanding of the usability on tablets.