Smart column HomePod went on sale in early 2018. At the time the device was hard to call it versatile, but the situation has changed dramatically with the release of several major updates. Now HomePod really capable of much, but according to his ability, clever column Apple still inferior solutions from Google and Amazon. However, do not let the bad – let’s find out what the hidden function is fraught with HomePod.

Search for iPhone

Not everyone knows, but using the HomePod can beep on the iPhone, if it is close by. For this it is enough to say the appropriate request in the prescribed language.


Smart column Apple can not only play music, but to retell the news in briefs. In Russia this option, alas, does not work, but in the U.S. and in some European countries you will be able to take advantage of this opportunity. As a news source Siri uses the following publications: CNN, Fox News, The Washington Post and the BBC.

Song search by text

Another little-known function HomePod — search songs by words. To do this, simply talk to Siri and partly to voice lyrics. The result will not keep itself waiting. If needed, the songs you can play.

To make and receive calls

To start a call, ask Siri to call someone from your contacts or just dictate the number. Incoming calls are automatically predrasuda from iPhone to HomePod — just ask the voice assistant to answer the call. If necessary, start a call on your iPhone and continue the conversation already with the HomePod. To do this, activate the corresponding option in the call settings.


Setting alarm and timer

For this you should use the help of voice assistant. The command works exactly the same as on the iPhone — should be addressed to the assistant with the following request: “hi, Siri. Wake me in 3 hours” or “Hey Siri. Set the alarm for 10:00”. Similarly, you can set the timer.

Translation into another language

Another interesting possibility HomePod — translate words or phrases into another language. Voice assistant is able to easily translate common phrases and words. However, note that the number of languages is limited and Russian in this list are not included.


Smart column allows you to set reminders via Siri. At the right time a notification appears on your iPhone. Unfortunately, the HomePod is not the voice of the events themselves.

Musical preferences

With Siri you can mark your favorite tracks. Then the voice assistant will automatically include the song in the recommendation. In addition, this option will allow in the future to more accurately determine your musical preferences.

The Union of two HomePod in a few

Few know that the smart column HomePod can be made to work synchronously. Is responsible for this feature called HomePod Stereo Pair, which appeared to be updated FOR 11.4. Using the iPhone users can combine smart speakers Apple in a few for surround sound. For option, you must configure the appropriate settings.