Stability is something that we love Apple equipment. Buying a device with the logo of a bitten Apple, we can be sure that it will not crash for no reason at all, continuing to work in all conditions. But to every rule, as you know, there are exceptions that sometimes make themselves felt even the owners of the best technology in the world. It happened today, when some users of the system suddenly came the App Store, forbidding them to download apps.

Looking ahead, I will say that the issue in question affects only some users. So if you, like me, it’s all right, there’s no point to worry and wait that something will change.

Not downloaded the app from the App Store. What to do

According to those who are not lucky enough to encounter a glitch in the App Store, it all starts with trying to download on your iPhone or iPad new app. After clicking download on the screen of the device, a dialog box appears which notifies the change of the terms of service of Apple Media Services, offering to adopt a new agreement. However, the acceptance of new requirements lead to cyclic display of the same window after each keypress Agree.

Judging by the messages on the portal Reddit, some users managed to solve this problem press refusal to accept the new requirements, however, as practice shows, this method helps not for everyone. As a consequence download and install the desired application is still not possible.

Rather, in this case there is a banal failure, which is not protected even the most perfect system. Hopefully Apple will not delay the resolution of the current problems on the back burner and fixing it in the near future.