What do you think will be the iPhone 11? Who are against the emergence of eSIM in Russia? We already know the answers to these and many other questions and, of course, who will tell you about it. So coffee in hand – and go!

1. It turned out that the iPad Air 3 and iPad mini 5 supports fast charging! Despite the fact that in the official specs it was not stated. One of the users of the website Reddit did an experiment enthusiast decided to find out what happens if you connect the iPad Air 3 and iPad Mini 5 to the powerful charging adapter Anker.

According to the enthusiast, power adapter gave out 22 watts for iPad Air 3 and 20 W for iPad mini 5. Pretty good result, considering that both tablets come with a power supply for 12 and 10 watts.

You can also check the option in effect for this purpose you can use the original adapter from the MacBook, or any third-party power supply with the appropriate power. But then the question to Apple: what do you want, the extra watts in the power supply mind?

2. Apple will release iPhone 11 the iPhone 11 Max with innovative cameras! In the hands of insiders got secret information directly from Apple suppliers. According to the source, the latest models of iPhone 11 the iPhone 11 will be equipped with a triple main camera module engineers employ wide-angle lens module with supersonicpayday lens and a telephoto lens. This will allow the flagship Apple make more high-quality images with a large angle of image capture.


Why is it necessary? Well, for example, to make such a video:

It also became known that the company intends to build in a module system of 3D cameras ToF (Time of Flight), which allows to obtain reliable information about the objects, using light pulses. In theory, such a camera could significantly improve the quality and depth of object portrait pictures.

3. The Russian operators and the FSB against the eSIM. Why? Their position is that the introduction of this technology in the Russian market will lead to the development of competition in the provision of cellular services, which could undermine the credibility of the “Big three”.

In fact, however, operators fear that the emergence of eSIM devalue physical pavilions for selling SIM cards and simplify access to the Russian market of new providers.

The FSB also against it — according to her, the main problem eSIM is that this technology is not complying with Russian rules of encryption. Because of the peculiarities of the implementation of embedded SIM cards, they, unlike physical, is not by default allow the use of domestic cryptography.

4. Apple has developed a new protective coating for the iPhone! Office of patents and trademarks U.S. published patent application Apple, this time the company registered a new type of coating.

The patent indicates that to ensure the hardness of the glass protective layer has introduced a special polymer. It will provide high resistance to scratches and external impact, including drops and bumps. But the severe drop-testers are still not save…

The document describes that a new type of protective coatings can be used in iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, MacBook and even AirPods.

Despite the potential of the design is not known for certain, whether it comes to practical implementation. As we know, Apple registers hundreds of patents, many of which will never be implemented in real products.

In other news, Apple plans to equip the iMac and iPad screens miniLED, Huawei is ready to supply Apple 5G modems, and Creator of the Think Different have carried the company for the failure of AirPower. These are the main news from the world of Apple over the past week. Discuss them in the comments and in our Telegram chat (there is a lot of interesting things coming out). By the way, even subscribe to our feed to Yandex.Zen. There are exclusive materials that do not come to the site.