For anybody not a secret that the main channel of communication between your computer and your beloved smartphone is iTunes. The program has a huge list of features, the enumeration of which will take more than one hour. Whatever it was, it was not without a single flaw. We are talking about, not the intuitive interface, to understand that sometimes is incredibly hard. Forget about the difficulties of transferring various files from PC to smartphone and back will help the app EaseUS MobiMover. Its main advantages are ease of use, high-speed operation and the ability to transfer files not only between iPhone and computer, but two smartphones.

For obvious reasons, the application is not in the Mac app store App Storeand therefore download it will have with the special website. Nevertheless, the download and installation will take only a few minutes, then you can use it for any of these purposes.

Anyway, familiarity with EaseUS MobiMover will be pretty quick. All you need to do a new user is to connect your iPhone to your Mac or Windows computer (depending on your device). After a few seconds the last samoidentifikatsiya what would signal the appearance of the main menu. Its upper part will talk about the state of the memory and divide it into categories. For example, in my case of 256 GB of internal memory iPhone Xr freely 184 GB.

However, much more attention should be bottom part of the menu. It contains 3 main icons, each of which hides one or the other function: data transfer from PC to iPhone or iPad and Vice versa, and the transfer of information from one mobile device to another.


Consider the possibility EaseUS MobiMover on the example photos. To export photos from iPhone will be enough to open the appropriate tab, mark the desired category, press the copy pictures to a computer in the upper right corner and choose the destination folder. After a few seconds, the selected images will be in the computer’s memory.

The situation with other kinds of files are almost identical. It is worth noting that the quality of copy iPhone songs is on the level. In particular, bought the “Uptown Funk” is about 10 MB.

You can transfer data from one device to another — it can be any smart phone Apple and nothing to activate and pre-loading is not necessary. The app will automatically detect both of the phone and you will be able to choose which device and where to migrate. Then select the categories to combine data and begin the data migration process, which takes from a few minutes to hours depending on how much information you want to transfer. The result is one iPhone, which contains information from two phone contacts from one smartphone will automatically appear in contacts on iPhone, like messages, call history and so on.

In addition, the program is able to act as a file Manager — you can view audio, pictures, videos, messages, contacts and even apps. The only snag in the operation of the program may occur due to the lack of the Russian language, but even if you do not speak English, to understand will not be difficult.

Of the nice additions is the ability to download videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram and other services right in the app. Overall, EaseUS MobiMover will be a godsend for users who want to quickly, easily and intuitively transfer the desired files in the desired direction.