Despite the fact that Apple has acknowledged the problem in the keyboard of new MacBook Air and MacBook Pro, it seems that the company is absolutely not in a hurry to solve it. But this is understandable, after all, recall at once a few million laptops to identify several hundred or even thousands of defective laptops, it would be totally unjustified. Therefore, in Cupertino have decided that we will reserve the right to ask for repair at the discretion of the users, not taking into account that many corny do not want or afraid to do it. For them it was released app Unshaky.

The main problem of the keyboard “butterfly” third generation, which pursues the owners of MacBook Air and MacBook Pro is stuck individual keys. As a result, even a single press on a particular character provokes its repetition. Apparently, this is due to the fact that crumbs and dust particles that fall between the articulation mechanism, the fraction of a second after pressing not give it back to its original position, causing unnecessary typing.

Sticky keys. What to do

Unshaky is always watching what characters you are typing, not perceiving is pressed again, perfect for 40 milliseconds after the first. Optionally, you can configure the delay independently, increasing it to 60 or 80 milliseconds, respectively. Preventing multiple set of the same symbol, the tool actually solves the problem of sticking, allowing users defective keyboards with the comfort to continue.

Unshaky cannot be downloaded from the App Store, so many people can refuse, for fear of inadvertently infecting your computer with virus. Fuel to the fire adds the fact that for proper operation the app needs to access device-specific capabilities that, in General, is quite logical and expected. However, the developer, to avoid the prejudiced relation to your product, opened its source code, which can be found on GitHub.

How to install Unshaky

    • To start using Unshaky, you need to download it to your computer from here;
    • Then unzip and place the file in your /Applications folder;
    • Open it and follow the instructions of the installer;

    • Go to “System settings” — “Protection and security” — “Privacy” — “Universal access” and tick Unshaky;
    • Then open the settings tab “Users and groups” — “login items”, then press “+” and add Unshaky to the list;

  • Run the application and configure it according to your preferences.