The company Japan Display will supply OLED screens for the Apple Watch 2019. According to Reuters, this will allow Apple to reduce its dependence on Samsung, which currently is the only manufacturer of such screens for the iPhone. But at the same time, this means that Apple is not yet ready to present to the market new display – microLED.

According to two sources, Japan Display Inc., which before supplying Apple LCD screens, will provide the company with displays based on organic LEDs (OLED) for the Apple Watch, which will be presented at the end of this year. The supply agreement will mark the release of Japan Display market OLED-displays. This news was particularly important for a supplier of LCD screens, which gets more than half of the revenues of the Corporation from Cupertino, and whose business display products suffered due to the failure of Apple from LCD in favor of OLED.

Perhaps in the iPhone 2019 even not LCD screens. At least, it all comes down to this, because Apple puts all of its suppliers to manufacture OLED.

Reuters reported on Monday that Japan Display plans to raise 990 million US dollars as additional funding this week.

Apple is working on strengthening its supply chain OLED displays to reduce the dependence on Samsung, which supplies screens for the iPhone X to iPhone XS iPhone XS Max. According to reports, Apple has pushed LG Display to create production capacities for OLED displays and even purchased equipment for construction of platform for research and development of OLED panels in Taiwan.

It’s unclear how this news will affect the screen of the new Apple Watch. Apple Watch Series 4 Apple upgraded OLED Retina display: as anshe used LTPS low-temperature polycrystalline oxide. Such a display is more efficient and consumes less power for longer battery life.

Other rumors suggest that future versions of Apple Watch will appear new buttons that physically click, and provide tactile feedback to the user when touched. Such already have the “digital crown” in Series 4.