The introduction of iPhone support 5G may be postponed from 2020 to 2021. About it, citing industry sources, said Taiwan’s Electronic Times. The delay comes because of the position of companies Samsung Electronics and Qualcomm, leading the development of their own modems to work in networks of the fifth generation that Apple refused to supply. Now the only thing left of the company, to develop the branded solution, which may take about two years.

The original plans of Apple’s expected release of the iPhone 5G modems in 2019. However, the judicial confrontation with Qualcomm, which led to the ban of sales of the iPhone in the three countries, did not allow Apple to use components from their direct opponent. Another reason, finally approving a shift in the timing of release of iPhone-enabled networks of the fifth generation were design problems with modems Intel, which is planning to replace Qualcomm.

When will 5G

Despite the fact that the absence in the model number of the Apple smartphone with support for 5G could undermine its position in the market, the majority of consumers is almost no impact. Due to the fact that in the near future the launch of the fifth generation networks are planned only in a few countries, users living outside the United States, South Korea and Japan will not be disappointed by the absence in the sale of 5G-compatible iPhone.

For Russians, which may not be a priority audience Apple, everything will go very smoothly. Even if Cupertino decides to postpone the release of its own 5G modem for 2022, due to a lack of infrastructure users from Russia, probably, still long to be content with LTE networks. Good speed and coverage of all Russian networks of the fourth generation, having come even to very remote regions, causes only positive emotions, allowing you to comfortably use the streaming game services.