Development of iPhone, iPad and AirPods require from their creators a deep understanding of what technologies will be needed in the future. After all, to create a good product, one year will be insufficient and therefore need to take into account all the changes that will happen to the market in the next year or two, to be implemented were archaic even before its release. According to Jonathan Ive, this statement is very close to reality, because he simply can’t afford to live in the present.

To design the device, the design of which will be relevant at the time and will remain so for several more years, the Quince has to live two years ahead of everyone else. However, sometimes his ideas are ahead of time for many years, says the designer. The fact is that they are so groundbreaking that go beyond existing technologies that would bring them to life. Comes to the fact that some ideas do not reach even to the stage of prototyping, not to mention commercial implementations.

How are Apple devices

To live in the future – means to endure, says Ive. Very important to be able simply to wait until technology reached a level of development to be able to create something that was conceived a few years ago. Sometimes it takes not one or two years, and ten years or even more. For example, it was with the iPhone, which appeared many years before the actual release. Yes, and I must admit, this happens with almost all Apple products, Ive hinted.

In General, said the designer, any work product is not based on how to take a pencil and start to draw his appearance, and then, as development, edit its individual elements. Usually work begins with the study of the materials that will form the basis for future innovations. “We are constantly improving existing materials, which we use, such as glass and aluminum. In addition, we develop new materials that will find a specific application in the future. I can say that most of the work of the designer is to better understand the material with which you work”, — summed up the Ive.