We already reportedtoday that the Russian operator Tele2 first in the country began issuing virtual SIM card, also known as eSIM. Despite a number of featuresthat accompany the process of connecting, it’s a real technology, which subscribers are American and European operators are already long enough. We figured out how to connect to eSIM where you need to go and what to do after you connect to work as needed.

As of April 29, to connect to the eSIM can only be six salons Tele2, which is located in Moscow.

Where to connect eSIM in Russia

In the media appeared information about the five points of connection, but the operator said that that’s actually six of them. Here are their addresses:

  • Moscow, St. m. Pushkinskaya, Tverskaya street 25/9;
  • Moscow, street Tver, d. 17;
  • Moscow, metro Chistye Prudy, Myasnitskaya str., 30/1/2с2;
  • Moscow, 24th km MKAD, TC “Vegas”;
  • Moscow, metro station “Rumyantsevo” business center Comcity;
  • Moscow, PL kievskogo vokzala, 2, TTS “European”.

According to representatives of Tele2, in a short time the number of offices where you can make eSIM will increase to 88.

Russian law equates the eSIM results with the cloning of SIM cards. Therefore, in order not to break anything, will first have to issue a physical SIM card, the subscription profile will be recorded on your smartphone. As soon as the profile will record to a smartphone, the SIM card will become invalid. This is a mandatory step that, unfortunately, can not be bypass.

How to connect eSIM

The connection is made by scanning a special QR code on the card, which will give the employee and Tele2. It will need to take with you and keep in case you have to replace the unit. However, it is unclear how to act in case, if your smartphone is out of order and to decouple the subscriber’s profile is not possible. In a press-service Tele2 did not have time to answer the question blackget.com.

How to set second SIM card on iPhone

Due to the fact that the iPhone XS, Max XS and XR (only they support eSIM) has only one radio, you will have to set priority to the new room. If desired you can assign primary or secondary.

iPhone, for example, allows you to specify a number to ring to specific callers from your contacts list.

  • To do this, run the application “Contacts”;
  • Select the desired contact and press the “Preferred rate”;
  • Now ask the room to be used for communication associated with the contact;
  • If desired SIM card you can select before making a call, or use the one which was carried out last call.

How to configure Internet on eSIM

To select a room from which you access the Internet, you need to specify their priority.

  • To do this, go to “Settings” — “Cellular” and select “Cellular data”;
  • Then select the number you want to use to transmit data over the cellular network.

Judging by the reviews of those who has already tested eSIM from Tele2, in the virtual SIM card is no different from physical. Voice quality and coverage the Internet speed is absolutely identical, so for this experience is just not worth it.