Two weeks ago Apple, surprising many of their fans, has held a marathon of releases, in which has presented several novelties. The greatest interest is, oddly enough, caused the new tablets of the company. They gave a top “iron” and an advanced set of features that simply could not be reflected in their price, which, in the opinion of many consumers, was somewhat overpriced. But do not rush to borrow because this year we are waiting for another – and this time a much more affordable model of the iPad.

About the imminent release of the new iPad models announced insider CoinX, is known to limit the accuracy of their insights. He a few days before the release revealed the name of iPhone XR, XS and XS Max, called them the exact weight and specified thickness and some structural features of the iPad Pro 2018 model year. Given this track record, his statements can be trusted, especially if you remember that this year Apple for the first time in three years missed the release of the new generation of the classic iPad.

iPad 2019

According to CoinX, Apple didn’t forget about the range of available tablets, and intend to update it, but later. For example, at the worldwide developers conference, which will be held from 3 to 7 June. At the forthcoming event to unveil iOS 13, whose capabilities will need something to show. For this purpose a great fit new iPad though will retain the appearance of its predecessors, yet will be different from both the hardware and functionalities.

CoinX claims that the novelty will receive a 10.2-inch screen, which is quite unusual lineup for the iPad, and obviously a more affordable price than the new iPad Air and iPad Mini. Most likely, Apple will keep iPad 7 price in $ 329, that our reality will become 25-27 thousand roubles. However, for this the company will have to make a number of simplifications. For example, to equip the tablet with A11 processor and 2 GB of RAM, leaving the Touch ID sensor of the first generation, as well as a camera that was in the iPad 5, and 6.