User data Facebook has again been in the public domain, Bloomberg reports, citing researchers of computer security UpGuard. In total free access was opened to more than 540 million comments, likes and names. This is the second time in the last two months, when the social network exposes user data public. In previous times it was caught in the open storage of passwords from accounts, free access to which could receive about 20 thousand employees.

According UpGuard, about half a billion user accounts in Facebook was found on various online sites like Cultura Colectiva and the cloud Amazon. In addition, another 22 thousand passwords, email addresses and some personal data like names, surnames and addresses were in the Annex At the Pool. This happened due to improper storage Facebook on the Amazon servers, which serve the social network.

Whether to use Facebook

“The public has not yet come to the understanding that people – administrators or developers, who should be responsible for storage of user data, or take excessive risk, or lazy, or just cheat [data],” said Chris Vickery, Director of research risks in the company’s network UpGuard.

Despite the fact that technically write, likes and user comments so free, but only within the framework of social networks, their occurrence in a single document — a serious miscalculation Facebook. Fundamentally, this case differs little from the Cambridge business Analytica, which was engaged in collecting exactly the same data that are subsequently used to generate insights about public opinion and, say, helped thereby to win the election Donald Trump.