It is no secret that dual-camera iPhone XS iPhone XS Max gives impressive quality pictures and photos. But this double module is not limited. Presented smartphone also perfectly show themselves while shooting a movie. We offer you to verify this personally, after reading another collection of Apple’s “Shot on iPhone”.

This time attention was focused on the commercials, which were filmed by Directors Zach Nolom and Nick Voicecom on the iPhone XS iPhone XS Max. Both videos are dedicated to the Cuban surfing community. During the filming were involved in the following equipment: stabilizer Freefly Cinema Movi Robot, anamorphic lens and BeastGrip and case for underwater shooting Axis Go. Image capture was carried out using the app Filmic Pro.

In the first video tell us about the inhabitants of Cuba, are fond of surfing. In the video you can find moments with immersion, including a detailed underwater photography. Turned out really great.

The second video shows the whole process and technique of shooting. Most of the scenes were shot multiple iPhone, placed on a single platform.

Although the video series “Shot on iPhone” really created using Apple smartphones, should consider that making such a video is quite difficult without available funds. Even for such a short video can be used accessories and fixtures that can cost more than the smartphone itself.