The right to deny independent developers to publish their apps in the App Store, which has given Apple itself, has a negative impact on the development of the market of mobile software. This is the opinion of Brian Acton the co-founder of WhatsApp. According to him, is very dangerous, when such power is in the hands of one of the players, who clearly have an interest to promote some products and at the same time hinder the promotion and development of others.

Moderation – in General very complex topic, says Acton. Global it companies like Apple and Google believe that the right to choose worthy applications or websites, and to deal with the unworthy. However, I’m sure Acton, what’s bad for one may be good for others, so such activity is not permissible. But worst of all is that we give companies the right to behave this way, supporting them by visiting their sites and buying their products.

Apple is a colossus with feet of clay

“Apple is trying to decide what is a good app and a bad app. Google is trying to deal with bad sites and promote good. But the point is that these companies do not have the right to act in this direction that they set for themselves. We give them this power. And that’s bad. We buy their products, we are registered at their websites,” said Acton.

In recent times the industry has seen increasingly explicit hostility to the total control that Apple has put in applications for iOS. So, a group of independent developers have filed for a company to court for monopolization of the mobile market, forming such a path of development in which users have no otherother than the App Store. Their supported company Spotify and Netflix, which agreed that it is not ready to act in the model imposed by Apple.