On October 14 they met: a new iPhone model, and those who dreamed of it, and get it in your hands one of the first. And, as often happens, not without resentment. It turned out that the iPhone 4S, in the off state, rapidly destroys the battery. On each tenth (roughly) device. The indignation of the victims, there was no limit… You would think that the world is on the threshold of the end of the world, the Apple iPhone came to an end, a new phone doesn’t work at all – immediately unload (as if collectors stole his battery for some unknown purposes). For collectors of obscene language foreign languages came the hour.

Purified of emotion, the picture looked less dramatic, but very unpleasant: a large part of the devices battery in passive mode ate 10% of battery per hour, for an unknown reason for Apple. Accusations of lack of professionalism of the company was unfair: apparently, 9 out of 10 cases (the exact statistics I do not have) the effect was not observed.

A “antenagate” was not yet forgotten. And critics of the company enthusiastically predicted: now they will call something absolutely idiotic the cause of the problem and will release iOS 5.0.1 with a fix, then I will collect a press-conference, then…

The mysterious “S” in the title iPhone 4S

There were many versions of the transcripts of this “S”.

The weighted version of the marketing unit engaged in iPhone (even they didn’t know who and why so-called regular model) – letters enclosed in a square the “transfer” was the same as the similar part of the name iPhone 3GS. “Speed”. This was the point: externally, the new iPhone was almost indistinguishable from its predecessor, better performance (almost twice).


Most popular in 2011 was the version on the involvement in the letter Siri. Personal assistant, with strong personality and with sense of humor, easily answering even the stupid questions (female voice version with an American accent provoked idiots on intimate topics) – conversation with a personal assistant on a variety of topics are willing to publish the site earns on advertising.

A version that is “iPhone for Steve” (numeral 4 in English is consonant with the preposition “for”, and even used cuts) is not exactly true. The name for the new model was approved in July or August of 2011, if not earlier – confirmed by Steve jobs.

However this letter is not meant that each of us has the inalienable right to interpret it how we like: October 4, 2011 the official meaning of that letter was not made public.


On 10 November 2011, as predicted by critics (longing for the scandalous continuation), Apple released iOS 5.0.1.

The company managed to surprise who wrote hard-hitting (not always correct) feedback on the technical support forums: contacted them Apple engineers, asking questions, some even invited the company to confirm and find the causes.

The reason was revealed. The operating system was indeed bugs, including the system of geolocation. This is the reason wasn’t the only one identified was not all. Not all iPhone 4S after installing iOS 5.0.1 on them stopped rapidly Deplete batteries, but now it was hundredths of a percent – on every appeal about these issues, Apple immediately paid attention.

Like dealing with Apple when she was in this mood. It is a completely different Apple.

But trouble with the battery that caused a loud public outcry, the iOS 5.0.1 have been fixed and others associated with the document sync to iCloud, such as.

A detailed report on mistakes and ways of their elimination was included in the knowledge base of the company and required to check aspects of the new versions of the system, several new points.

New bugs (including with the same effect) was found. What can you do error is the most powerful tool for understanding the world.

To be continued