The release wireless charging station AirPower and the case for AirPods with the support of the Qi standard is likely to take place this week outside of official events, as was the case with the new iPad and iMac. This was indirectly indicated by reference code of the sixth beta version of iOS 12.2, which was released on Monday. The update has a technical description of the charging process with a list of processes performed by the devices when pairing.

It was quite expected that Apple will just add AirPower in range of branded online store, and will not devote separate events. Even considering the interest that this wireless charging and the hype, which provoked her almost two-year absence, very clearly, that the new product does not deserve re-presentations as not deserving it and all other devices, the company entered the market with a delay.

AirPower — features and price

However, there is every reason to believe that AirPower, which will be available in the near future, will be different from what was shown on the show in the fall of 2017. According to rumors, Apple had to seriously rework the design of the charging station by changing its internal layout. In particular, as noted by industry sources, the company’s engineers were forced to equip AirPower integrated cooler which will make sure cooling of the internal components of the station.

It is expected that the price of AirPower in the official online Apple store will be $ 199, while the wireless charging case for AirPods second generation was estimated at 69 dollars. In fact, in both cases, it is absolutely an adequate amount, which fully justifies the proposed functionality. Another thing is that the company is very delayed release, putting it as much as a year and a half, and thereby allow competition in varying degrees around himself.