Despite the clear unpopularity of the iPhone XR consumers, the concept subliminoso smartphone with advanced hardware at a low price liked the Samsung company decided to market conventionally available Galaxy S10e. For all its shortcomings, the novelty from the Korean manufacturer proved so attractive that its superiority over Apple’s decision was confirmed even known insider and analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. But what the device deserves the title of best sublimina?


In my subjective opinion, the Galaxy S10e – at least the front looks more modern than the iPhone XR. The thick frame around the display, though not added features of smartphone innovation, still, are much thinner than the competitor. What to say about the island cutout for the camera, which, anyway, is a much more elegant solution than “Bang”. Score for design departs Galaxy S10e.


Galaxy S10e, unlike the iPhone XR has dual main camera. Thanks to her smartphone can take pictures with ultrawide viewing angle, which is definitely a advantage. Thus in this case we are not talking about programmatically expanding the frame, namely on the work of specialized optics. Another point in the Treasury of the Galaxy S10e.


From the point of view of the characteristics of the Galaxy S10e looks much fresher than the iPhone XR. 6 GB of RAM, at least 128 GB of internal, as well as high-quality AMOLED-display with a resolution of Full HD — all this plays into the hands of sublimino Koreans. But the CPU is definitely better on the iPhone XR than the Galaxy S10e – especially when you’re talking about the Russian version, which features an 8-nanometer Exynos 9820. In addition, to consider the resolution at a point density of 326 ppi with the naked eye is impossible, not to mention that many users prefer “organic” IPS-matrix. At one point each.


If we consider the smartphone not as an investment tool, when high importance is liquidity, Galaxy S10e remains the clear favorite. As of March 18, 2019 the device is available for purchase in less than 46 thousand rubles, while find my iPhone XR cheaper 50 thousand is almost unreal. Besides, “galaxy” is in sale, so, in the next several months may go down in value even more, can not be said about the iPhone XR, which regularly holds the bar. Again note points Galaxy S10e.


Despite the efforts of Apple and Samsung to save money on their supplimen, to boast of something interesting they can. In the case of Galaxy S10e, I would have said the function of reverse charging, which will have to place when you need to recharge a wireless accessory, or even a smartphone. You are guaranteed to find the application. And in the case of iPhone note XR interface Face ID, security and performance issues which I had and was able to repeat a single vendor. In this test a draw.


The winner from the comparison with result 5:2 goes Galaxy S10e. It was to be expected, since Samsung released their device later than Apple and were able to take into account almost all the mistakes of a competitor. On the other hand, definitely recommend “the galaxy” to buy, I would not. In the end, purchase a license for iOS Korean manufacturer has not managed that last we appreciate the smartphones from Cupertino.