Not so long ago we told you about the constructive defect which is called “FlexGate”. Recall that this issue was subject to all MacBook Pro models released after 2016. The fact that the laptop display at some point could start to work intermittently. As it turned out, the culprit was a shortened loop matrix separately to replace which is not possible. It is remarkable, but the story received its continuation.

Experts of the workshop iFixit found out that Apple has made small changes to the design of laptops in the last generation, increasing the problem plume a couple of millimeters.

We noticed one very important difference in direct comparison of the models in 2016 and 2018. The cable going to the matrix became longer by a few millimeters. It is equally important for the 13-inch version and the 15-inch model.

Experts believe that Apple deliberately changed the length of the train, to prevent wear of the cable, typical of earlier models. However, for all other replacement program displays and has not been started, which may indicate that the problem does not assume a mass character.

Recall that in the event of such problems the users have full change of the display. The cost of this procedure in the official service centers could reach $ 600 or more, while a simple replacement of a failed component would cost only $ 6.