The first iPhone-enabled networks of the fifth generation will come to market later than their competitors. About it reports Bloomberg with reference to sources inside the company. All because of enormous problems with the supply of the latest cellular modules. It is not excluded that full support 5G will appear in the iPhone only in the end of 2020.

If you believe Bloomberg, Apple will equip your smartphone with support of networks of the fifth generation of one of the last in the industry. It is expected that most of the manufacturers will bring to market smartphones with new chips in late 2019 – early 2020.

The main reason for such significant delays in Intel, which is known to be the exclusive supplier of the modules for Apple 5G. The fact that the modems from this manufacturer is still far from perfect — there is some structural defects. Chipmaker already working on getting it fixed, but analysts believe Intel will not have time to solve all the problems in the established time frame.

However, even after a full production run, Intel will not be able to give Apple with the necessary amount of cell modules, which may be a shortage of iPhone models, with support for 5G. Given that Apple has stopped to coöperate with Qualcomm, the Corporation risks becoming an outsider in the global smartphone market.

According to industry experts, one possible solution to this problem — create your own cell modules enabled networks of the fifth generation. If you believe the insiders, the Apple really is developing in this direction. But the fruits of this work, unfortunately, we will be able to see soon.