Apple is completely different from other it companies. Despite the external similarities with some competitors, the conceptual approach of the company to conduct its business completely unique. It confirms not only the attention of the manufacturer to branded products, but also a policy of the retail trade, where Apple takes in their stores around the world. The journalist of the edition ZDNet spoke with a former employee of Apple Store and find out what principles are guided in Cupertino to please every buyer.

The first thing that surprises is the lack of Apple Store sales plan and Commission for the implementation of a product. Due to the salary of the employees of the corporate retail Apple does not depend on the number of units sold, this contributes to elimination of a material interest in the sale of expensive devices with complete disregard for cheap. Therefore, the advice given to the sellers, based solely on the queries themselves buyers, not having the financial background.

Why you should go to the Apple Store

For Apple it is important that the Apple Store employee caused the confidence of the visitor, told ZDNet. After each successful sale, the store Manager asked the seller, what are the three things he learned about the buyer. It is very important that the seller knew the buyer’s name and the purpose for which it acquires a particular product. This is necessary because the reference by name makes the source more credible to applicants and awareness of the seller about the reason for the purchase allows us to give competent advice on choosing the correct product.

But without the voluntary-compulsory aspects too, no doubt. For example, Apple insists that visitors to the Apple Store I paid for buy only through Apple Pay. Thus, one can save time on the transaction, and thus serve more clients per unit time, and to find who the buyers are still not using Apple Pay, and aid them in the development of this service. In the end, is the number of users depends on the income that is received by Apple.