Over the past two years CarPlay evolved from iOS to basic equipment vehicles, replacing clumsy interfaces in machine design, familiar to iPhone users. But before Apple releases CarPlay to freedom, was presented to the world a completely different design for infotainment functions. Under a different name.

Eddy cue announces “iOS in the Car” at WWDC 2013 the new iOS 7 software update, which changed the way in which applications for the iPhone and iPad.to try “iOS in the Car” was not, q still shared review function through a series of slides shown on the stage. However, the final version was quite different.

The main screen based on iPhone lock screen with the large clock above date, subsequently to be replaced by a grid of application icons. We also don’t know how would the launcher with the bottom tiles scaled for third-party applications.

And the virtual center button “Home” will move to the more easily accessible bottom corner of the driver side (depending on country). The bottom status bar will also be right-justified or left-aligned (again, depending on the country), showing only battery status when using over a wireless connection.

A short presentation of the “iOS in the Car” included several well-honed animations, but mostly it was a slide show with design concepts for applications. Here is a comparison of what Apple showed, and the fact that it was released next year:

Developer Steven Troughton-Smith first discovered a completely different “iOS in the Car” before it appeared in cars. A few weeks later Apple announced that “iOS in the Car” will be renamed to a more compact “CarPlay”, which we know today. Initially, the function appeared very slowly, but today CarPlay is available almost in all vehicles.

Manufacturers of automotive media, including the Pioneer, by the end of 2014 CarPlay offered as an upgrade for the audio system of the car you already own. CarPlay has made it much more affordable for consumers, because the automobile dealers option at first cost too much.

Pre-configured CarPlay had benefits such as turning off fans, air conditioning when using Siri to improve dictation. At the same time, the design of CarPlay has undergone many changes since its introduction. Perhaps never before provided by Apple at presentation did not differ so much from the release version of the product like what happened with iOS in the car, announced at WWDC 2013, CarPlay, released in iOS 7.1.