Spring the presentation of Apple, which promises to be very rich in hardware, can pass in one day from 11 to 20 March. This is with reference to informed sources close to Apple suppliers, according to Greek online iPhoneHellas. Despite the fact that the credibility of the publication has been questioned in the past, it has repeatedly shared with reliable information about future Apple events, and the timing of release of updates for iOS.

Sources iPhone Hellas did not give an exact launch date, but said that Apple will begin accepting pre-orders for the latest on March 22, defining as the official start of retail sales of the 29th day of the same month. Among the new products, assured sources, will be updated iPad 9.7” and iPad Mini with support for pen, Apple Pencil, wireless charging station AirPower, as well as the second generation of earphones AirPods.

New iPod Touch

Interestingly, iPhoneHellas says nothing about the iPod Touch, the seventh generation, whose release is likely also will be at the March presentation. In any case, this was indicated by the contents of one of the beta versions of iOS 12.2, in the code where you found the reference to the updated player. Maybe his sales will begin on the day of the event — which makes sense, given minorest updates — without requiring consumers of the pre-order.

New Apple services

In addition to hardware products, in March the presentation can take place release one to three new Apple services. The mention of one of them – Apple News Magazines – was discovered in the code the same iOS 12.2. This service involves the provision of access to journals via a single subscription. The other two – Apple Video and Apple Games – should provide users with unlimited access to movies and TV shows, including exclusive and mobile games respectively by subscription.