In the new version of the operating system called Lion (Leo), it was staggering the number of innovations, therefore, the most important of them are not immediately noticed. For the first time in new history the new system was not a server option, instead…

Those who believe Apple attempts on the server front, initially meaningless, wrong. In 1997 there was a merger of the two companies, tiny and huge the NeXT Apple, one of the most unusual mergers in the written history of mankind. According to the documents, and we all know not to do this, Apple absorbed NeXT and its projects, people and practices. In fact it was the opposite.

The head of Apple after a short period of doubt and indecision, was Steve head, owner and Creator NeXT. Key positions in the new Apple took the managers NeXT. Or invited experts from outside. It was not a merger, and transplantation of the brain.

Along with the operating system, WebObjects, EOF and professionals in atypical for the Apple industry, Apple has acquired something else: a unique experience of creation of systems of large enterprises (direction of the Enterprise).

No matter what, Apple still led the domestic computer technology, where her reputation, badly tarnished by the failures of recent years, was undeniable. Steve argued that it’s in her DNA so efforts were concentrated on this sector. With the resources was not very good, and investments in the direction of the Enterprise was minimal. It was not someone’s malicious intent: the money is really not enough.

And all that does not develop behind…

OS X Snow Leopard Server

The server version of Snow Leopard was a full-fledged server operating system that is very in demand everywhere where the basic means of production was Mac I. 12 years on a starvation diet had an impact: she was not to be attributed to the best operating systems in this class at the “tactical-technical” characteristics.

But successful and productive use was slightly more complicated than a regular Mac OS X, deal with it “advanced” Mac-native users. No wonder: it was the same operating system with slightly different settings and a huge range brilliantly adapted to it and pre-installed software.

To create, configure and run a server even without resorting to the command line, using applications written according to all the rules ovskogo the Mac interface. Them from the potential serious packet used low – necessary and sufficient for most typical applications. If you needed more, or if a light setting is finished error, no command line, and immersion in Unix it is not enough.

But this was not a problem: in the end, in the user documentation about it repeatedly warned and encouraged to take a course of survival in the digital jungle. Even in the most difficult cases anyone who knows how to learn (a good professionals in applied fields, as a rule, mastered this dark art) had to deal with.

Server “Snow leopard” cost the buyer $ 500. If you do not buy it together with a Mac mini Server or Mac Pro Server where the system was preinstalled, and they certainly meet the requirements of the Northern system.

On the border decades for the management of the company it was all very clear: a dollar invested in the development of the household goods were brought to the order a higher return than invested in the direction of the Enterprise. And years on starvation rations, and on the sidelines could not affect the potential of this direction.

Seriously taking up the return of the lost positions, you can still fix it, but it would be very expensive. Even under the most favorable development of the situation, nobody could guarantee success.

Pull the plug out of the socket and to announce the departure of the company from this segment?

No. It is necessary to go gradually. But so that all those who depend on server technology, the company got the message and responded in a timely and correct decisions. … Xserve is gone, the Mac mini Server was the first hint, Mac Pro Server one.

And here is the third hint.

OS X Lion Server App

The new version of the operating system was not a server option. Instead, in the Mac App Store for $ 50 (49,99 – but whether such precision?) you can purchase the app In version 1.0. Instead of $ 500!

When server technology was perceived seriously Apple, install server Mac OS X on a laptop without any cheat installer was impossible. The present server could not be portable.

Now this requirement was not. Restrictions in General almost was not!

To say that this step has caused excitement among potential buyers – is to say nothing. In the app description in the Mac App Store have reported that this product (10 times cheaper than a full server Snow leopard) is able to turn any Mac (even MacBook Air) to a full server. Would you believe that?

In any case, there were those who chose to still try this app, it was easier and cheaper than to look for something alien and inherently more complex. And the result was no less sensational than turning the whole operating system in a normal application from the Mac App Store: it is written in the annotation was true, though not for all cases. The app just worked.

App, when installed, dragging a mass of specialized software, carefully tailored to OS X, configuring the server Snow Leopard with no less care and meticulously inherits 1.0, even if the application had no way to repeat them.

But lion server is perfect for the role of “shepherd” stud iOS devices, apparently this was the first use of “big cats” for this fine work. Snow leopard also is able to, but Leo did it so much better.

Servers on the MacBook Air I haven’t seen, but this does not mean that they were not.


Each new version of OS X (and macOS) is attached to the server application: Server 2.0, Server 2.1, and so on. The app has a new function, generally more than attractive, the value of which was obvious not even the biggest experts across servers.

In parallel, there was a slow degradation of the underlying technology. Engineers, many from NeXT, left the company. In their place, or do not come one, or come other talented and knowledgeable, but still not the same.

In 2018 the accumulated small changes have led to a natural result. But that’s another story, to which we will ever get.

To be continued