Not so long ago we published a material in which said solid edge of the iPhone XS Max before Samsung Galaxy S10+ in synthetic tests. But the numbers is one thing, but the real experience is completely different. It’s time to tell which smartphone performs best in direct comparison.

The comparison was carried out the author’s YouTube channel XEETECHCARE. Both smartphones have been updated to the latest versions FOR iOS and Android Pie 12 9.0. However, the experiment involved pre-sample Galaxy S10 that can affect the end result. Will keep that in mind and move on to the testing.

The results of the experiment were as follows:

  • First test the load time of the OS. Unexpectedly, but the Galaxy S10+ ahead of its rival, the iPhone XS Max. In fairness it should be noted that the difference in download speed was not significant.
  • The second test — run applications. We measured the speed of opening everyday programs like browser, social networking clients and instant messengers and demanding applications. In this hard to believe, but in this test the unconditional victory was won by the Galaxy S10+. Almost always the flagship of Samsung was ahead, and in some cases the difference was even 2-3 seconds, which is prohibitively long for such simple applications.
  • The third test multitasking. Alas, even here the iPhone XS Max couldn’t compete with the Galaxy S10+. The novelty managed to hold on to more apps. Still, 8 GB of memory make themselves felt.

The conclusion from all this can be done as a simple synthetic tests does not always reflect the real situation that was once again proven in direct comparison smartphones.