Apple intends to restrict access Safariк the accelerometer and gyroscope of iPhone and iPad with the release of the final version of iOS12.2, which is now in beta testing, found MacRumors. The innovation will allow to prevent the automatic visualization of three-dimensional objects in the web browser regardless of the site that is entered by the user. An appropriate restriction will be in effect even on the official Apple web page, which is replete with elements that are compatible with parallax effect.

Access Safari to the accelerometer and gyroscope is necessary for reproducing three-dimensional animations that sometimes occur on those or other resources. For example, to consider the subject from all sides, you can simply rotate the smartphone in hand. Often this feature are retailers, allowing consumers to rate the appearance of the product from all sides without visiting the store. This is very convenient, however, in Cupertino believe that browser access to the sensors should not be unlimited.


A Limitation Of Safari

According to Wired, the need to restrict access Safariк the accelerometer and the gyroscope comes from unlimited access to many websites to hardware sensors on mobile devices. As a rule, it is not limited to an accelerometer and a gyroscope, including the ability to control, proximity sensors, lighting, and in some cases even the front camera. It turns out that the new ban is intended to ensure the safety of users and their data.

How to enable 3D rendering in Safari

The restriction on the Safari access to the hardware sensors of smartphones and tablets have already entered into force with the release of the first beta version of iOS 12.2. If you have installed one of the two brokersonline and faced with the fact that Safari is not rendering three-dimensional objects, you can disable this restriction by yourself. To do this, go to Settings — Safari– “Privacy and security” and move the toggle switch activate next to the desired parameter.