High performance 12 iOS on older iPhone models, which spoke with admiration in Cupertino, and beyond, was a kind of payback for the problems in the health new. Even the current version of iOS for the number 12.1.4 not only fixed existing bugs, disrupt the successful interaction with smartphones, but also seem to have added a new, what finally enraged hundreds, if not thousands of users around the world.

As the analysis of user reviews social networking on iOS 12.1.4, updating mobile OSes has led to mass failure in the work of modules Wi-Fi selected copies of the iPhone and a significant reduction in connection speed from LTE. But if this somehow could accept, for example, switching to 3G, the loss of the ability of smartphones to detect the installed SIM card has become the reason for the scandal, which broke out at all sites where there is at least a small chance to get a measured response.

iPhone does not recognize SIM card

“Apple Support guys, after I updated my iPhone to iOS 12.1.4 it has ceased to recognize any SIM card. Please kindly consider this problem as a priority. Dear friends, do not upgrade your iPhone to iOS 12.1.4,” writes Twitter user Santon has Rautela.

“iOS 12.1.4 is a real failure. After updating my iPhone XS has lost the connection to the primary SIM card. I rebooted and reflash its incredible number of times. Do it now and release a patch with the fix” — echoes another user of the social network of Rajneesh Batra.

iPhone not connecting to wifi

But a much more common problem was a problem with connecting to Wi-Fi. We managed to find a few dozen reviews from users who were impacted by the failure. It is very interesting that one part of those who have installed iOS 12.1.4, complain that the update has not corrected the failure in the Wi-Fi that was present before, and the other part is that the glitch appeared after installing update. Turns out, Apple not only fixed the problem, but even worse.