The low reliability of the complete accessories, which complain about some Apple device owners, may be offset by terms of warranty. According to them, everyone has the right to replace a damaged or defective cable, power supply or headphones, if it happened through no fault of the user. How to save your own money, getting a new accessory instead of a complete old – in the material.

The first thing you should refer to the limited warranty Apple. They state that any accessory kit iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Mac, Apple TV and other devices is under warranty for one year from the date of acquisition. It turns out that if the Lightning cable that you use to charge your iPhone out of order, it can be replaced. Most importantly, know where to go.

Where to exchange damaged cable Lightning

It is best just to go to the nearest authorized service center Apple. So, at least you will save time on a trip to the store where you purchased the product, because it is still sent for examination to experts of ASTs. With a grab check, a package, which was delivered damaged accessory and the device to which it is attached. This is to ensure that staff were able to see that you brought the cable from the original kit.

Specialists of an authorized service center will inspect the accessory for damage and determine their character and check whether it is original. It is possible that the test will hold in relation to the device, which was supplied by a suspended cable. Sometimes it takes more than a few minutes and then, you may be asked to leave the accessory and even the device itself for additional verification, the results of which you will be contacted and informed of the decision.

Extended warranty

The law of meanness it often happens that the accessory may be damaged already after a one-year limited warranty. I must say that in this case you are entitled to a replacement. In accordance with the provisions of article 19 of the law “On protection of consumer rights”, in cases when the warranty period is less than two years and the defects discovered after that period but within two years, the consumer has the right to demand repair or replacement.


Despite the generally high professionalism of the employees of ASTs, sometimes they can refuse to replace, even if you probably know what used the accessory carefully. In this case, you can try to write a claim in which to elaborate on what you disagree and mention that in case of refusal of satisfaction of your requirements, you are going to go to court. It is written in free form and does not require legal knowledge. My personal experience is that everything is decided at the stage of filing of this miraculous document.